Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mavic drillium and Marcos Serrano's 2005 TdF Stage 18 bike

First off, excuse the lousy cell phone pictures; I wasn't expecting to see either of these bikes when I ran into them:

First off, a lugged Otero pursuit frame wearing - of all things - a Mavic 631 Starfish crankset with drillium. Personally, I don't consider it an improvement to the look of the original crank, but to find a modified 631 Starfish is a find in itself.

None of the parts are original to it (though this is quite obvious, I dare say):

Then we have Marco's Serrano's team-issue BH - not a replica - from Stage 18 of the 2005 Tour De France. For the record, it is wearing a set of generic Bontrager wheels in this photo.

Not that carbon is of much interest at The Headbadge, but the carbon Record 10-speed group - modified by team mechanic Faustino Muñoz - is worth mentioning for its unique blue finish over the carbon fiber weave, and silver accents. Even the lever bodies and paddles have been painted silver to match.

Though the transparent blue finish is very nicely applied, though the silver on the lever bodies appear to be spray paint - it doesn't appear that durable. I'm not sure what was used for the silver transfers on the levers or derailers, for they do not appear to be painted on (they have very little wear, even on the brake levers). If they're decals, they're under a clearcoat.

I might be able to get some better photos of both over the weekend, but I figured I'd post these until then.


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