Sunday, October 6, 2013

A visit to the Dezer Collection's motorized bicycle exhibit: Part 1

My enthusiasm for bicycles is paralleled by my equal enthusiasm for classic automobiles; hence, I recently visited "Miami's Auto Museum," the Dezer Collection.

My trip was primarily to authenticate the 1971 Mustang from the James Bond movie Diamonds are Forever, but I made it a point to photograph the collection's huge, motorized bicycle exhibit.

This is the first of multiple installments to the blog:

The collection is massive - and eclectic. Some of the motors are paired with period bicycles, others are matched with later examples, and the rather strange 1920's design in yellow is a chopped and modified 1970's AMF:

Strangely enough, all the Brooks saddles appear to be varnished - a considerable sin - but the unbelievable selection makes up for the restoration-related inadequacies.

More to come.

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