Friday, October 4, 2013

Campagnolo Super Record (2nd-gen., 1978-87)

Campagnolo's Super Record became the immediate successor to Nuovo Record in 1976. Super Record's first incarnation was essentially identical to the Nuovo Record, differing only in cosmetics and titanium adjustment hardware, not to mention a considerably higher price tag.

Nevertheless, as the desire for more chainwrap in the cycling world increased (and as 5 cogs in the back became 6 and 7), Campagnolo revised Super Record's geometry in 1978, resulting in the "second-generation" dérailleur seen here (which so happens to be a 1986 example).

Super Record's slightly larger spacing between pulley wheels did give the dérailleur better chain-wrap capacity, but more importantly, the angle at which the parallelogram sits was increased, and the forward/upper pulley wheel was moved closer to the cogs yet again; generally lessening chain gap and improving shifting characteristics over Nuovo Record - and conceivably to a greater extent then Nuovo Record's improvement over Gran Sport.

Super Record, nice as it is, never did shake off the worst of its inherited flaws from Nuovo Record - its penchant for refusing to downshift into the smallest cog under load was never successfully eliminated, and is evident in the video at 0:41-0:43:

First-generation Super Record photos courtesy Jon Fischer,
Super Record video, copyright Kurt Kaminer

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