Friday, November 30, 2012

Peugeot PY10 CP: 1980 New York International Bike Show

You never know what you might find - even within your own collection.

I was browsing Dale Brown's (of Classic Rendezvous) 35mm prints of the 1980 New York International Bicycle Show not long ago, and happened across this picture:

(Many thanks to Dale for the loan of the photograph)

 Look familiar? Try 32 years later:

There is no coincidence here. This, fellow readers, is the very PY10 CP exhibited at the 1980 New York International Bicycle Show - undoubtedly Peugeot's "ORO" entry for the event, if the gold bits are of any hint - and it took me this long to find out.

See the full gallery here: 1979 Peugeot PY10 CP

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